Kniveton Cider Company
Real Cider Made In The Derbyshire Dales


Kniveton Cider Company uses a range of different apples and a mix of wild and cultured fermentations before being blended. As such, there will be slight variations in the style, taste and appearance. The character will also mellow as the cider matures in the bottle over time.

Never Mind The Hillocks

Never Mind The Hillocks

6.1% ABV Dry Cider

Our original Eastern counties cider. Crisp and bone dry, sharp at first with a complex, full-bodied after-taste. Named fondly after the 'Hillocks' - the winding hill as you drop down into the village of Kniveton.



6.1% ABV Medium Cider

Our medium cider; full bodied and fruity with a complex, long aftertaste. A Wynner for those with a sweeter palate. Inspired by the Wynn - a hill that overlooks the village and also where Kniveton Cider was first produced.

Four In A Corner

Four In A Corner

6.0% ABV Dry Cider

Four In A Corner is made using a blend of traditional cider apples, locally harvested by ourselves- rare to find around the Derbyshire Dales - that gives it a more tannic taste than our other ciders.



6.1% ABV Dry Cider

Our 2016 award winning "Never Mind The Hillocks" was aged in oak barrels used to import wine from France. This allowed our complex dry cider to mature into something wonderful; a dry, oaky, mellow character, with subtle notes of Bordeaux. OBl was the tag given to our first oak barrel, hence the name.


All our ciders are suitable for vegans.

Some ciders producers, particularly the larger brands, use animal products such as gelatin (from an animal derived source), isinglass, chitin (crab shells) or collagen in the fining/clarification process. Not us - we leave our cider untouched for many months to allow it to mature and mellow. This means that it usually clears naturally - and if it remains a little cloudy then so be it! - we can live with that.

Gluten Free

All our ciders are gluten free.

Our cider is simply fermented apple juice - no wheat, barley or rye involved.
If you are gluten-intolerant or considering a gluten-free diet then cider is an ideal alternative* to beers or ale!

*Though we do confess there are some cracking GF ales available these days.

The SICA Quality Mark

We believe that the best cider & Perry is made from fresh juice, not from concentrate.
Unfortunately it is not always easy for a consumer to sort their way through the marketing speak to find out what a product is really made from.
Many consumers don't realise that the legal requirement for juice in cider or perry is only 35%!

How juicy are you?

Small Independent Cider Makers Association

Kniveton Cider Company were there at the beginning....
When a few dozen like minded cidermakers decided to get together in a room at Exeter University to thrash out a definition for Craft Cider, Kniveton Cider Company were part of that meeting. From those early days the Small Independent Cider Makers Association was born and Hannah of Kniveton Cider was asked to become one of it's directors.

To help consumers choose the products they like, The Small Independent Cidermakers Association have developed a National Quality Mark for cider. It is the first of its kind to guarantee a consumer that the cider or perry they buy is made to the highest standard with a MINIMUM of 90% fermented fresh juice in the finished cider or perry. You might ask 'why it isn't 100% fresh juice?' Unfortunately, unless a cidermaker is going to hand dry every apple after washing, and wipe dry the inside of every barrel, you couldn't truthfully say 100%. There are also limits to what can be proven, particularly by small craft products without expensive laboratories; there really isn't a reliable way to measure the difference between say, 98% and 99%. If the claim wasn't to be an empty one there needs to be firm evidence to support what is said. So it was decided that MINIMUM 90% was an honest claim that cidermakers could back up with proof and have a certified Quality Mark that is externally audited to show that this claim is true.

Other Associations

Kniveton Cider Company is also involved with a number of national and local associations.

Three Counties Cider & Perry Association

Three Counties Cider
& Perry Association

A group of craft scale cider makers - their intention was to improve the image and quality of farmhouse cider and perry.

Made In Derbyshire

Made In

Made in Derbyshire is promoted by Culture Derbyshire, a partnership of public, private, voluntary and community organisations working together to promote and improve the cultural life of the county.


Inspired By
The Peak District

Inspired by the Peak District is a location-based branding initiative that seeks to raise the profile of locally produced products and services and promote the area as a great place to do business.

The Kniveton Cider 'Squad'

Kevin Woolley

Kev Woolley

The ‘practical’ one - most likely found playing with bits of pipe and pump adaptors. Worked in many pubs before getting a qualification and a “proper job”, then spent many years trying to give up said proper job to sell booze again.

Hannah Barton

Han Barton

The ‘loquacious’ one – most likely found wielding a panking pole or enticing passers by with her offer of a sample and her knowledgeable sales pitch (rather than doing any real work). Tends to hug unsuspecting victims against their will.

Sumi Barton

Sumi Barton

The ‘arty’ one – most likely found hunched over, intensely doodling fresh artwork ideas or enthusiastically embellishing chalk boards. You can also find her dancing around to 80s music whilst whipping up latte art in our local Jack Rabbits Cafe.

Thanks To....

We didn't set out to start a cider company: our aim was to use the waste fruit that we saw around us to make something that at was at least drinkable. The problems started when we discovered it was more than drinkable, and we had produced more than ourselves and our friends who chipped in could drink! We approached our local pubs who agreed to sell the surplus. With that leap, however, came the implications and responsibilities of running a cider business.

We would like to thank all those who have helped us over the years:

• The original group: Charlie, Heather, Caroline, Rich & Tony.

• All the lovely people who have supplied us with their apples, lent us their sheds, storage, equipment, vehicles and trailers.

• Last but not least all of you that gave us your encouragement, advice and support; we simply wouldn’t be here without you!